RAE Liaison: John Dempster

The REALTORS® Community Foundation is proud to work in partnership with the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton as we engage REALTORS® in moving communities forward. The Association provides space and support to the Foundation in addition to a donation and funds collected from fines throughout the year.

As a way for our organizations to keep one another updated, and promote collaboration, the Association's Board of Directors appoints one Director each year to serve as the liaison with the Foundation. For 2020 the RCF has had the pleasure of having John Dempster join us, so we thought we'd do a little Q&A with John to introduce him in his capacity as the liaison this year!


1) Tell us a little bit about your background with the Association and as a REALTOR®.

I, along with my lovely wife Rachelle have been REALTORS®️ For nearly 14 years now in the community of Drayton Valley. We have lived in the community for nearly 25 years and raised 3 amazing children who are all full grown. Having spent most of my life in Rural Alberta we have grown to love the slower pace of life in a smaller community. (Although I can say the last 3 years I have spent a significant amount of time in Edmonton and have grown to love the city life too!) This is my 3rd year as a board member with R.A.E. which has been extremely rewarding and an eye opening experience that has helped me to appreciate the time and effort involved in being a part of the board. I have been blessed to have been a part of both the Arbitration and Standards committee as well as the Member services committee which have been amazing experiences. This year I was honoured to have been asked to work along side the group at RCF as the board liaison which I am certain will also be a tremendous experience. I look forward to working as a volunteer with R.A.E and our industry for many years to come if the opportunity presents itself.


2) What excites you about your role as the RAE - RCF Liaison for 2020? 

When asked to be this years Liaison with RCF I was very grateful for the opportunity to work along side such a worthy organization. I have always appreciated the role RCF has played in our communities and throughout our province. I feel it is extremely important as a REALTOR®️ to give back to the communities that have supported us. I look forward to a year that I believe both myself and hopefully the RCF board can learn from one another, and help move us both forward together for many years to come. As I have learned to appreciate the work and dedication required to work with the R.A.E Directors, I believe the same will happen working along side the group at R.C.F. I am confident a strong alliance between the two groups will not only benefit our members , but also help bring us together to help others less fortunate.


3) The RCF is proud to support a number of causes that move communities forward. We know there are a number of fabulous organizations and that the causes for need are many. Tell us about a cause or charity that you are particularly passionate about.

My wife [pictured above] and I have always believed in sowing into our community. Over the last 12 years we have supported a child from Burkina Faso(Africa) through Compassion Canada, she has been like a 4th child to us, we have always been strong supporters of the children’s miracle network, as well as our local schools and food bank. I am happy to say we have been to many RCF fundraisers as well and tried to support this amazing group as much as possible.

4) Aside from business, what is one thing you are grateful to have learned during the past couple months and the one thing you are most excited to regain or return to when safe to do so? 

Over the past few months having been isolated from so many friends and family members, I can truly say I will never take for granted time spent with them. Family is extremely important to me. A simple hug, handshake, or just hanging out with my wife at a restaurant are now things I will never take for granted again. I cannot wait to get back to “normal”, not worrying about social distancing, or whether I am standing too close to someone at the grocery store. Humans are social creatures and we’re never meant to be kept socially distanced from one another. Never has it been more evident to me than it is now.


John with his wife, Rachelle, and three children

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