Holiday Gratitude 2020

We have had tremendous support from the real estate community this year amidst unprecedented circumstances. As we reflect this holiday (as you do during the holidays), we are so grateful for all who have helped us this year and through the holiday season. Of course many of our regular events could not go forward including Santa's Auction which raises over $30,000 for charities. Thankfully we've had supporters step up to make sure that our charities will still have grants this year, which means more local individuals and families will have access to shelter, food and basic needs.

We are still waiting on all We Care cheques, but see so far that many agents kept up donations; our Santa's sale and raffle raised over $5000 and we received $6,000 in holiday donations from usual sponsors; The BIG moving sale this summer raised over $10,000 which replaced what we would typically raise in golf season. We will likely be a little behind our usual give this year, but by a much closer margin thanks to everyone who has stepped up for the benefit of local charities.

Thank you to the hundreds of We Care donors and their offices! Your support though every transaction truly exemplifies community-mindedness and generosity. The REALTORS® that sign up and the offices that support the administration of donations are the backbone to our fundraising efforts. In a year like this where events have suffered, it has been showcased just how important the We Care program is. Build on the notion that impact is greater when giving together, we hope more will consider joining in 2021 to increase our collective impact. 

To our sponsors - we know this year has lacked opportunity for big flashy thank-you's and the appreciation you truly deserve. Thank you for standing by us regardless and stepping up with donations this year or sponsoring new projects. Some of our champions that deserve applause this year for sponsorships, donations and prizing: North 49 Home Inspections Ltd., Peter B. Mason Real Estate Lawyer, Eager Beaver Moving, Carl Bretzlaff - RE/MAX Select and Cutco by Wilson.

As always we'd like to acknowledge the continued support of the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton. In 2020 alone, they have helped by donating many items to this summer's Moving Sale, the monetary donation of $160,000 and industry standards fines has been instrumental in continuing our giving, continuing to provide office, meeting and storage space in the new building (and we have a prime office location right up by member services), distributing our charity calendars, and offering staff collaboration. Thank you to the RAE Staff and Board of Directors for your support!

Thank you to our Board of Governors and volunteers for your hard work this year. It certainly hasn't been easy to make tough decisions and pivot constantly, but you have managed to do it, and all as volunteers.  As a Foundation, we are able to increase our giving substantially by relying on the talents and generosity of volunteers, and we couldn't be more fortunate than to have the group we have had to steer us through these times with positivity and grit.

Volunteers are the backbone of any nonprofit, and as a foundation we rely heavily on donations of time to ensure we can maximize our monetary impact. Thank you to our board, committees, event and charity volunteers who have given back this year. We managed to support Meals on Wheels deliveries twice and make meals at the Mustard Seed both before and during COVID, even amidst the restrictions.

And, thank you to our charities. Those who are working on the front lines to provide opportunities for those most in need, who kept working and innovating through uncertainty, we applaud you. Hearing the stories of how charities worked together and found new ways of service delivery was truly heart-warming. There's a quote that was shared with me (Anika) once, 'as one person you may not change the whole world, but you can always change the world for one person'. This continued to feel so real this year, as we watched charity staff passionately find new ways to support their clients, knowing that they may have been their only lifeline. Truly, it has been an inspiring year and we cannot wait to continue sharing stories of just how essential charities are to the lives of many in our community.

So yes...this was just a post to say thank you one last time (in 2020) to all the people that have helped us this year.  But you know what they say; if you can't say it at Christmas, then when can you, eh?


We wish you all a very happy new year and hope that whatever you celebrated this holiday season still brought joy and connection, even if with the help of video calls. Cheers to 2021 - we hope to see you safely, in-person soon!


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